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    kill me kill me now just fucking kill me this is so cute look at it oh my god

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    Vegard got himself wet

    And then me (with the water! minds out of the gutter!)

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    I am not sure if this has been on circulation, at least I never saw it… (x) (finder’s credit to Christine on Ylvis HQ)

    This is a description of the two of them that Bård wrote on their website, WAAAAY back in 2001.

    Vegard was born is Trondheim on May 19, 1979, while Bård was born in Bergen on March 21, 1982.

    Vegard is small and dark, while Bård is tall, blond and fair.

    Vegard likes the Flightsimulator (nerd), while Bård likes to climb tall objects (not nerd).

    Vegard plays bass ok, while Bård gets gene mutations when he picks up a bass.

    Vegard has bigger mobile phone than Bård, while Bård has exactly an equal one.

    Vegard has crashed and destroyed a whole car worth many thousands of krones (idiot), while Bård has furry dice on his moped.

    Vegard likes bitter soda and tonic, while Bård gets stomach pains when he drinks hot chocolate (milk, you know..)

    Vegard plugs the bell peppers off his Grandiosa pizza, while Bård get nausea from mashed potatoes.

    Vegard has been in the military for a year and a half and thrived (idiot), while Bård is on civil service but has not completed his service.

    Vegard was seven when he first travelled to Africa (Mozambique), while Bård was only four when he first travelled to Africa (Mozambique)

    Vegard is going to die with a billion on his account, while Bård is going to die with a billion in debt.

    Vegard is good at cooking steaks, while Bård is better at cooking gratinated potatoes.

    Vegard likes to take pictures of things that move, while Bård likes to take pictures one frame at the time.

    Vegard hates celery and coffee, and in that are the brothers exactly alike!

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  5. those fox guys in trondheim 27th of july

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  6. Daily Ylvis Fact:
    Ylvis and Stargate are doing another project together. No info as to what it’ll be, but it’ll be humorous

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    Bård wants a hug from Vegard as well

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  8. The Expensive Jacket Tour in Trondheim 27/7 - Instagram 1 2 3 4

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  9. It was sooo worth it. I never stopped grinning and moving. I had fun and it seemed like they were having fun, especially Vegard! I saw my song teacher on stage during ‘sammen finner vi frem’, that was rad. I met none of you there, but I really hope you all had fun :)


  10. Anonymous said: Well the only difference between the tickets is that the foreign fans get translators and "special treatment", whatever that is

    Aha! There you have it, anon. It’s to make foreign fans feel extra welcome :)
    Thank you, kind informative anon!


  11. Anonymous said: Oops, I used the "submit" button to ask this question.. Sorry!! I would like to know if it is OK that I bought ordinary Tickets to see IKMY in October, not the Foreign ones. I am English, and my Norwegian is very minimal! (I decided to buy front row!) Thanks! xx

    that’s alright, anon! I’m pretty certain it doesn’t make any difference. What I think is that the foreign ones are there to make it easier for foreigners to get tickets or something like that.
    I don’t think it makes a difference at all so you just go ahead and enjoy yourself with the tickets you already have! have so much fun, anon <3